About Us

“If you don’t give up, people start to notice you” David Barber
We are tenacious.  We believe that "if you make it WELL, they will come."  We also believe that a healthy life balance is essential.  Make stuff and then go outside and use it.  We are a small family shop located smack dab in the center of Columbus, Ohio.  Since 2003 we have truly been a grassroots effort.  We design, test and produce all of our product under the same roof.  What you see is the result of tens of thousands of hours of hard work, learning, and perseverance.   We use the best materials, time honored design and construction and personal involvement in every step of the process.  Our bags are working hard on every continent (yes, even Antarctica), from the helm of racing boats to the top of El Capitan to the streets of every major city.  You will find that your Seagull bag will become your best coworker, adventure buddy, friend and yes... maybe lover.
About the Shop
Strangely enough, we are all family.  Unlike many sew facilities all of our machines face each other.  We call this the friendship table.  This allows us to have instant feedback, brainstorming and shit talking.  We split a warehouse with our good friends at Abnormal Allies.  The space is fiercely creative, wild and a blast.   If you contact us, you are speaking with the people who actually make your product.
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