Opt to Help

November 25, 2015


Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Grey Thursday/Cyber Monday/Turquoise Wednesday

There's no denying that businesses are creating reasons for people to spend money.  It can be a good way to pick up some cool stuff for cheap.  Hell, I look for deals on those days.  It does work.  It's cool to buy gifts for your loved ones.  But I think we can agree that it can be a little much.  

Others have chosen the #optoutside route.  Why spend a bunch of money and wait in long lines when you could go play outside?  This makes a ton of sense also.  It makes sense to align yourself with a counter-mainstream idea.  I like this idea far more!  

Whichever you are doing, consider giving a little extra time or money to meet some real and pressing needs right now.  Winter is coming and most refugee organizations are under funded.  HERE is just one of many places you can donate.  Let's put politics aside.  Regardless of our stance on the complex issues surrounding the surge of refugees we are all people.  We need to help each other.

Have a good Thanksgiving!  Stay tuned for world-ending, face-melting, ass-exploding deals on Brown Turdsday.  

Photo Credit: UNHCR  www.unrefugees.org