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Custom Small Bag

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Grab one of these if you just need a little help biking with the things you carry.  The small is perfect for fall party trips which require a hoody and a six pack.  Or when your wife tells you to get the groceries, and you do, but then you forget one really important ingredient and its already 9:30pm and you get mad but you realize you screwed up, not her, and so you should be the one to go get the heavy cream... so you grab your small and go!  

Our custom bags are made with decades of combined experience and rigorous testing.  Each custom bag is a project to us and we take great pride in quick, attentive conversation and technical execution.  We can make a bag specifically for you that will fit your functional and aesthetic needs and last you for many, many years to come.  Outlast!

To achieve superior waterproofing, abrasion resistance and durability, we double stitch a water resistant 1000D Cordura shell with a floating 18 oz waterproof vinyl interior. You won’t find a more solid closure than the 1.5” buckles and industrial strength 2" Velcro that hold the main flap down.  We have included a large pocket with a pocket flap and Velcro closure on the front of the bag (underneath the main flap when closed), and an interior pocket with full Velcro closure. These bags also include a non-slip main strap using a 2" painted steel buckle with smooth nylon webbing to provide comfort and durability. Our original strap design is the best and most comfortable out there, hands down.

Included --- Two pockets on front (10" h x 6.75" w) --- Non-slip, padded main strap --- “Anti-sway” underarm strap that is completely adjustable --- Interior pocket (approx. 9.5" w x 9" h) with full velcro closure.
Strap Hardware
Buckle 2" Painted Steel Float Bar System
Webbing 2" Nylon Seatbelt Webbing
Foam 1/2" Thick Closed Cell Foam
Specs 1000D Cordura w/ Water Resistant Backing
Specs 18 oz. pvc Coated Vinyl
Bag Hardware
Buckles 1.5" Duraflex buckles
Webbing 1.5" Polypropylene
Velcro 1 & 2" Industrial Strength
Width 13.5 in, 34.3 cm
Height 11 in, 27.9 cm
Depth 5.5 in, 14 cm
Length Across Top 20 in, 50.8 cm
Volume 1,119 ci, 18 Litres
Weight 3 lbs, 1.36 kg

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Custom Small Bag
Custom Small Bag Custom Small Bag Custom Small Bag Custom Small Bag Custom Small Bag
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