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- Once I place an order long does it take to finish?

            Our normal turnaround times are usually as follows

            Black bags  – 2-3 business days

            Standard bags – 2-3 business days

            Custom bags – 4 weeks

Our turnaround times also vary by the season.  Once the order is placed we will give you a more accurate turn around time.  Keep in mind, these are approximations.  We will get your bag to you as closely to the turnaround date as possible.


- What if I wanted to change something on my order?

Because of the fact that we make almost everything to order, we ask that if you want to make changes to your order that you do so as quickly as possible.  We are flexible, and want to make sure that you get the bag of your dreams.  Once the bag is underway, we ask that no changes be made to the color or features. 


- How do I check on the status of my order?

You can shoot us an email, or give us a call if you are interested.   The only problem is the more time we spend on the phone, the less time we have to work on bags.  If you can be patient, that would be much appreciated! 


- How can I use a gift card/email voucher?

-To use an email voucher, simply click on "View Cart" in the upper right hand corner and then select "Use Gift Voucher."  Then you can enter the number provided in your email.  

-If you have a gift card, you can enter the third set of numbers on the back of your card.  For example if you card number reads   603571 035330 0000308  1570, then enter the numbers that are bold and underlined.  This will update your Cart total and factor in your gift card when checking out.

-If you have another type of gift certificate, you can either enter the code in the botto right hand corner, or you can contact us directly at



Custom Artwork

How do we create our images?

All of our images are hand generated on a high speed industrial sewing machine. Our art is not made by a computer! We use a combination of embroidery and appliqué (embroidery around cut shapes). We do not do any screen printing or painting. That being said, we can get extremely detailed with our embroidery.


 How do I submit custom artwork

You can submit custom artwork via email by sending it to  This email will be forwarded to the design department for confirmation.  After placing an order by phone or on the website we then review your image and send you a mock-up.  Once the mock-up has been “signed-off” on we will begin work on your bag.  


-  How much does artwork cost?

The price of artwork is separate and additional to the price of the bag.  Pricing depends on many different factors like size, complexity and number of colors.  It is nearly impossible for us to give a price quote on an image that we have not seen, so send us a picture and a brief description and we will send a quote back to you.   


-  Will I receive a mock-up of my art on a bag?

You will receive a mock-up of your custom graphic on a bag template.  Once the mock-up has been confirmed, this is what we will use as a reference. 


What kind of image can I submit?

We are able to process almost any image that we are sent, but here are a few guidelines to help you, and us also! 

We prefer .AI, .PSD, or .JPEG

We try very hard to stay away from Copyrighted images!!!  Please do not send them to us and ask if we can do them.  If you are sending another persons artwork, please be sure to get permission first.  Or, you can lets us design a totally sweet custom image for you! 

Please send us high res pictures.  The cleaner and crisper your image is, the better it will look in the end! 


How can I be sure that my image will be sweet?

Here are a couple of guidelines to ensure that you image will look awesome as you fly through traffic on your bike. 

Graphic shapes always work better!  Think stencil.  Although we can interpret shading and color shifting, it is pretty hard, and often doesn’t have the same “pop” as a graphic image.  

Clean lines are also a good way to create a successful image using embroidery and appliqué

Another consideration is matching the colors of the artwork to the bag.  You may think…DUH!  But, really try and envision what all of the colors will look like together.  If you need help, let us know.  We have made thousands of bags and can give you our “professional” opinion.

If you are designing an image from scratch, its good to keep in mind that we/you are working with a set color pallet.  Be sure to check out our color swatches out first so you can be sure that you have the correct colors.  




- Do we ship internationally?

          Yes!  We have shipped bags to every continent on the planet! 


- How do you ship bags?

We ship all domestic bags with UPS.  All international bags will be shipped USPS unless another option is specified.  Any other shipping arrangement will be at the expense of the customer.   


- How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on where it’s going and how big your bag is.  For international orders, there may be tarriffs and taxes for importing goods.  We have no idea what these are for each country or how often they apply these tarrifs.


- How long will it take?

          This also depends on how far away you are and what method of shipping you select.  Most domestic shipments take between 2 and 5 days.


- Will I get a tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number via email.  Once the packages leave our shop (with the correct address) we are no longer liable for them.  We will do what we can if there is any problem, but most of the time the shipping company is more helpful than we are.  Please contact us if you haven't gotten a shipping number sent to your email and we'll track it down for you!



Custom Projects/ Sponsorship/Jobs

- I have an idea for a custom bag, will you make it for me?

We have designed all of our extra features to be able to accommodate almost any specific need that you can think of.  However, if you have something that is outside of what we normally do, we can try and accomodate that.  We can make custom pockets for your bag for a little extra, and we can even do custom build dimensions for a custom build fee.  If you'd like us to make a completely custom project from scratch, we ask that you send detailed ideas of what you'd like to  We'll review the project and let you know if its something we can do now, or something that may have to wait a while.  Our number one priority is making bags for Seagull customers and Partner Shops, so you're bag may have to wait until we have time to turn our attention to it.


- Will you sponsor my event?

We love to sponsor events. But more specifically we love sponsoring charity events.  Please give us plenty of notice! Again, we are very busy and we need plenty of notice.  Just send us an email with your race flyer and all of your contact info (including shipping address) and we will do what we can.   


-  Are you hiring or accepting interns?

We are always accepting resumes. Unlike many companies we keep these on file! Normally we run on a pretty small staff.  However, our need fluctuates by season, so we love to have a bunch of options to choose from. We only ask that people stop by and show us some stuff that they have made.




- Do you have discounts for working messengers?

Right now we don't, unfortunately.  But that is in our plans for the upcoming year.  Stay tuned!


- I own a bike shop.  Can we carry Seagull products in our shop?

Yes you can!  We love to personally work with shops to get product in throughout the year.  You can contacts us for wholesale pricing, catalogues, promotional materials and upcoming product releases for your shop.  We also have Sales Representatives in several locations, so if you'd like to see one of our bags in person, we can work something out!



- Return policy

We try and work with you at every step to make sure that your custom bag is exactly what you want. In light of that, there are no returns on custom bags - we cannot accept your custom bag back. If you have a problem with your bag, let us know. We will try and figure it out. That's why it benefits you to be as specific as possible with your art, and your custom options. If you want the little yellow bird on your bag to be exactly 3.58 inches, tell us and we can do it.  Keep in mind the size of our bags. Some of them are very large! Please, look at the sizes, and look at the pictures. Most sizing shots were taken on a 6 ft tall man.

- Warranty

Our bags are covered against any manufacturing errors. Anything that is stitched by us is covered. If you have a problem with your bag, let us know and we will take care of it. We can tell if we didn't cause a flaw. If you happen to be riding home from the bar and take a nasty spill and land in a pile of razors blades, we will try our best to work with you to take care of any damage.

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