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Who are we and what do we care about?



At Seagull Bags we strive to make the most comfortable, durable, practical, and beautiful bags while putting customer service above everything. What began as one guy in a basement trying to build the perfect bag has grown into an internationally respected maker of high quality messenger gear. While our bags have gained international acclaim for their durability, smart design and custom embroidery, our staff is small enough to lend close personal attention to every order; we pride ourselves on working directly with you to build a bag exactly to your specifications.


Seagull story

My name is Daniel McKewen. I started Seagull in 2003 because I had an idea for the perfect Courier Bag, and rather than waiting for someone to read my mind and make it for me, I decided to do it myself. After spending hundreds of hours tweaking my design and refining my sewing skills, I had a product I was proud of. We now offer my bags in many shapes and sizes, each designed with the same close personal care as the initial ones I made for my friends, family and own use.

Our designs are completely original, and we work very hard to offer you something completely different from the other guys’. From our 3-piece construction to our original strap designs, we are trying to change the way that people think about messenger-style bags. Our strap adjustment system is one of a kind, and despite a lot of companies now having strangely similar systems (and weirdly coincidental constructions), ours is the original; our designs are all time-tested and are constantly refined, because we want each bag to be the best bag we’ve ever made. Don’t settle for an imitation. 

As demand for our bags has increased, the company and our catalog has grown by leaps and bounds. My highly trained staff and I are putting out a record number of high-quality bags, all still completely handmade in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world, open our own storefront/workshop, and sponsor and provide prize bags for many of the world’s premiere courier races. We have also worked with some of the most respected bike shops and companies all over the world. In the process, we’ve met a lot of awesome people, and those friendships are what we love most of all. 

This new website and some of the new products you will see on it, is just the beginning of a new era of high quality Seagull gear. 



We want people to know exaclty who is making their bag.  

Daniel (Boss Man)

Hometown: Columbus, Oh

Job Title : Czar

Interests: Skateboarding, rock climbing, riding bikes, playing music, making shit, beer, hanging with my wife (who is the jam), cooking, camping…anything outside

Favorite Part of working at Seagull: I have the best staff and customers ever!  Seriously, none of this is possible without these people.  I am the luckiest person on the planet!

Dream Adventure: Climb El Captain…that’s pretty much it.

Personal Statement: Outlast. Work hard.  Stay Humble. 

Band: Led Zeppelin, Sam Cooke



Name: Maika

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Job Title: Overlord – oops, I mean customs builder

Interests: Food, herbs, raising plants, rabbits and kids, hiking, reading, homesteading, rapping, writing, art, printmaking, wood, photography

Favorite part of working at Seagull:  Creativity, laughter, community, overlording

Dream Adventure: Egypt, Turkey or Brazil.  I would take any or all of the above

Personal statement:  Toni Jo’i Nicole

Band: Heart



Name: John

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Job Title: CFO, GM, Chief Analyst Officer, Bag Maker

Interests: Reading, gardening, brewing beer, Irish Music, scotch, smoking pipes, camping, climbing, being married, playing with my dog

Favorite part of working at Seagull:  Listening to Terry’s Stories, laughing, slamdunks, drawing Maika for Secret Santa

Dream Adventure: A ski trip, that’s also near the ocean and climbing and in a tropical forest.  Lots of Birds.  I would also be surfing and farming and it would be really hot…but I’m still 15 minutes from snow.  And its simultaneously in a bunch of different countries; Ireland, Costa Rica, Seychelles Islands, USA, and almost anywhere in the Caribbean and south America.  And the good fishing parts of Canada

Personal Statement:  Don look at me like wat, Totally, You can only scare me when I am on Lunch break



Name:  Ben

Hometown:  Columbus, Ohio

Job Title:  Designer/embroiderist

Interests:  Art/painting/ skateboarding (gettin’ that buttery tre’)

Favorite part of working at Seagull:  Working with motivated people that value good work.

Dream Adventure:  Surfing in Costa Rica

Personal statement:  Be good and do good work

Band: Creedence Clearwater Revival 



Name: Matt “Skinner”

Hometown:  Millersport, Ohio

Job Title:  Cutter/Builder/Rookie/Shop Bitch/Alpha Beard

Interests: Music, wrenching, fishing, nautical activities (drinking on a boat), beer, bearding

Dream adventure: Sail the Pacific or backpack through Alaska

Personal statement:  I’ve been at Seagull for a little over a year and I have enjoyed every day of it!  It’s an amazing work environment + our product is great!

Band: Between the Buried and Me

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