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We will be back in the Spring

Over the past year I have had a hard look at my life; my job, my family, my passions. In the midst of it I had the deep sense that something needed to change. I did not even have time to ride my f******bike! Intense workload, oversized catalogue, and debt were at the helm, pressure grew to a head and I realized that our current structure was blocking us from releasing the kind of new products we have been designing, and delivering our current products in a timely fashion. I need time - time to reboot, time to re-imagine, time to be outside, time to gather inspiration, time to get stoked. Thank you for supporting us for 11 years. Hang in there with us! We will be back better than ever!

If you already have an order placed with us, we are working on it right now! If you have any other questions:

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